Ahead of the one month long Songkran holiday this April, Clothear, a Thai fashion brand founded in Songkhla specializing in Batik textiles, is trying their hand at a Songkran-themed collection.
These looks come with a high price tag, but if you are willing to splurge, why not?
Released over the weekend, this holiday special has quickly become their best selling collection to date. The Songkran-themed original patterns with cartoon designs reminiscent of what you might find on ancient murals is versatile enough to be featured on formal and casual garb.
If you’re planning for a judgment-free family reunion, their midi length skirts or long pants paired with the collection's Poor Things-eque organza tops are an appropriate option. 
But if you’re planning to hit the streets, their breezy shirts and pants will be a lot easier for dodging water attacks. 
Clothear is known for refining Thai (especially southern) cultural elements and modernizing it for everyday wear and fancy occasions. In 2023, the brand was worn by the Top 5 Miss Grand Thailand and earlier in February this year, they hosted a fashion show titled “The Pride of Southern Thailand” with over 90 looks inspired by peranakan architecture.