River City will see a new space opening, featuring pieces that skew cool and include fashionable jewelry, fashion, and ceramics—fine art that’s useful—to attract a new generation of art buyers. 
The Art Haus featuring pieces from around the world and local artists will open next week on the second floor of the art-rich River City. 
In connection with La Lanta Fine art, the new space will feature work from Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and the US alongside work from local artists and will open on August 5th. The shop is already featuring works from Peerapol Aintoom, Tal Nehoray, Natasha Barnes, Betsy, Enzenberger, and more.
The idea behind the store is to appeal to young consumers with a kitschy and creative array of small sculptures, art toys, prints, paintings, and more for young consumers as well as a venue for young artists to get their feet wet in a sometimes stolid market. 
The grand opening next week on Saturday will take place on Aug 5 from 2-5pm, and for the future art buyers of Bangkok there will be a “Collecting Art 101” lecture to get buyers started. 
Photo: Melting Pop by Betsy Enzenberger
Photo: Oasis by Natasha Barnes.
Photo: Jiggo by Peerapol Aintoom