Thai perfumery Copenn has expanded to a new location on Sukhumvit 24—and fans are loving it. The brand is known for its unique blend of house-made perfumes, sleek concept stores, and deep storytelling—at least for a retail fragrance outlet. 
Much of what is discussed at these stores revolves around the impact scents have on people’s moods and emotions, and dedicates a large portion of its brand identity to storytelling elements that accompany each release. In 2021, it launched its inaugural line “Chapter One: Term of Cultivate” where soil and metal play a central role  in the scents and design of the store. After a year, the store closed down and underwent a renovation specifically for the release of its next line, “Chapter Two: Evolutionis Magna,” which is dedicated to observing, monitoring, and sensing the environment as it changed over time. This narrative extended to the origins of raw materials and the land, and featured a wide array of intriguing and unique scents to match the broad theme. 
The store’s interior is noticeably dark—heavy on blacks and deep browns—with natural elements such as metal, stone, and wood providing accents. As expected, visitors to the store are greeted with subtle and welcoming aromas that encourage them to explore what is available at the store. 
The store’s outright signature scent, “Burning Cabinet,” boasts the smoky tones of agarwood, cedarwood, tobacco, and vetiver, all blended with the freshness of petitgrain. Beyond the fragrances, a big selling point is the sleek packaging where a number of materials such as steel and amber-colored glass help to take customers on a tactile journey, revealing stories of smells and ingredients through the help of poems. 
Mahogany Tower, 24, Sukhumvit, 094-452-5946. Open daily 11am-7pm