Modern day thrift shoppers can get pre-loved digs sans sweat stains through digital digging—but, let’s face it, the online sphere can be every bit as intimidating as a meter-high pile of pants in a warehouse. 
So, here’s a handy BK guide for a few of our current favorite Instagram shops that are easy on the wallet and high in style.

This one's for the minimalist. “Posting My Stuff” is all about neutral tones. You’ll rarely find a colorful item on their feed, making this the perfect place to hunt for timeless pieces, including  sleek designer bags, sneakers, and Mary Janes. You can also ask the shop to list some of your own second hand items and browse through other customers’ listings. If you’re interested in an item, simply comment “CF or F”, screenshot the picture of the item, and send a DM. But you have to act fast because if someone is gunning for the same piece, you have 20 minutes to transfer the money before it goes to the next bidder. More than three purchases will get free shipping. Prices start from B100.


Hopping on to the other side of fashion, shops like Kisa.stuff are a treasure trove for kitschy shoes which found a fanbase with the revival of Y2K micro trends like kitten heels, boxing boots, and sporty ballet flats. These can be quite unusual items so if you’re just getting started, you can go through the highlights on their page for some styling inspo. They do monthly drops, but shoes usually sell out really fast. If you spot something you like in a preview post, be sure to turn on your notifications to be the first one in the comments. Prices start at B150 and run to more than B1,000.


When it comes to fancy evening wear, “Another Bougie Day” does not disappoint. From a last minute bridesmaid’s outfits to prom dresses, the selected gowns come in multiple colors and designs ranging from the 20s and 90s to mid 2010s, all up for grabs via DM. For new customers, we recommend checking out  #anotherbougiedaystockk for unsold gems you’ve been missing. Prices range from B1,000 to B4,000.


But it's not just the elegant pieces that are getting the spotlight. For Clothes Twinkling, their retro sundresses, floral patterned skirts, and breezy tops cater to looks suitable for a picnic or lounging on the beach. The Bangkok based shop has a B50 shipping fee and posts around once or twice a month. Prices range from B300-B,1000.


Chumchum Watch is known for sourcing authentic vintage watches with adorable cartoon characters on the dial. They also have a storefront called Chumchum Grocery Cafe at Pridi Soi 31, brimming with collectible accessories and knick knacks while serving up food and drinks. If you have a Disney adult in your life, you know where to get their next present. For watches, prices start at B2,000.


Need cheap bling? This Insta shop is a joy for scrolling. Each piece has a unique look you won’t find shopping first-hand. They’ve got minimalistic pearl pendants, large beaded gemstones, and gold and silver chains. Occasionally, they’ll have a clearance sale where every piece is priced at B99. Their regular prices usually never go over B200.

Chobjai swimsuit

It’s almost always summertime in Thailand. So if you’re thinking of buying a vintage swimsuit for the coming holiday, Chobjai Swimsuit has rare and Japanese 90s imported second hand swimwear pieces and bikinis. Prices for a one piece start at B200 and bikinis start around B100. 


This Korean and Japanese imported clothing store offers sweet, timeless designs. Though they carry some lightweight fabrics perfect for Thai weather, some of their listings include sweater vests, puffer jackets, and fluffy cardigans. So it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re looking to visit colder climates. The shop hosts a weekly livestream every week via Instagram and prices usually never go over B300.


Searching for the right button-downs can be tough but Kuttzun has narrowed it down. You can opt for their range of professional shirts or some of their bolder and funkier selections of collared tops. They’ve created a highlight on Instagram for you to browse the available items and even sort in different categories such as short sleeves, long sleeves, and neckties. Prices start at B300 to around B700. 


BK’s guide to online thrift shopping would not be complete without tying it off with a recommendation of some Japanese imported second hand neckties. This shop features the formal wear in a variety of patterns, from brand name classic pinstripes to Disney cartoons and Van Gogh’s paintings. The ties are B250 each, but if you buy two you get free shipping. To purchase, comment “cf” under the post or screen shot the item and send it to their Line account (Line ID: @101bboao). You can also order their items via their Shoppee page.