Few things are better than the smell of a freshly brewed cup of coffee in the morning. And with being holed up for weeks in quarantine, receiving a little surprise in the mail from your favorite roaster can make your day. Lucky for us, Ceresia Coffee Roasters has launched a coffee subscription that will send your favorite beans straight to your door. 

The specialty coffee shop sells single-origin and house-blended coffee sourced from a variety of farms worldwide and roasted in small batches. To subscribe, you can choose between three, six and twelve-month plans (from B3,840/250g for three months; from B7,680/250g for six months; from B15,360/250g for twelve months)—and here’s the fun bit: you can indicate how you usually prepare your coffee and have them choose the type of beans for you, or you can choose them yourself from their list of options.

Those include Thai Black Honey, Boonserm and Espresso Blend, as well as the in-house Ceresia Espresso Blend—a mix of Black Honey as a base for rounded, dark chocolate notes with Brazil’s Fazenda Rodomunho beans for a creamy hazelnut flavor and Colombia’s La Joyería for caramel and plum notes and complexity.

Orders are delivered every other Wednesday and take about two to five working days to arrive. For more information or to subscribe, visit their website.