This year, Onitsuka Tiger turns 75 years and will be working with brand partners at Astro Boy—which actually gained global fame around the same time these Japanese kicks. The collection features some cool sneakers and unisex fashion and is now available at Siam Square One Onitsuka Tiger flagship store.
The lineup contains 43 items spanning track suits, skirts, bags, and hats. The iconic Mexico 66 is complete with the logo and Astro Boy prints. Onitsuka also released a red version of their Dentigre puff boots, mimicking the anime's character’s footwear. 
Founded in 1949 by Kihachiro Onitsuka, the Onitsuka brand slowly earned its stripes and garnered a reputation for producing high quality sneakers and branched out into other lifestyle items in 1977. 
Photo: Kill Bill Vol.1 / Imdb
The label’s Mexico 66 model left a sizable cultural footprint after Uma Thurman sported the iconic all-yellow tracksuit with the shoes in Quintin Tarrantino’s Kill Bill. The renaissance of Y2K fashion means these shoes have garnered viral status with celebs like Bella Hadid, Suelgi of Red Velvet, and Conan Gray, inspiring a whole new generation of fashionistas.
As for Astro Boy, the childlike android character who uses his superpowers to fight crime is known for being one of the first popular animated Japanese TV shows. It makes sense that these two Japanese giants would work together to celebrate their legacy. 
The collection is available in 12 countries and online.