Is your home starting to smell a little stale from all the “I’ll do it later” laundry piles and unwashed dishes in the sink? With these five Thai aromatic oils and diffusers, your pad will smell like a luxurious spa in no time.



Everyday Karmakamet


What: Fresh Market Room Diffuser Set; includes a glass bottle of Fresh Market aromatic oil, reed sticks and hole cap. The brand claims the oil can last up to five months.  
Key ingredients: A blend of figs and spruce.
The scent: Fresh and fruity.
The promo: B776 from B970 for 500ml
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What: Distant Shores Botany Ambiance Diffuser Set; includes a glass vessel, Distant Shores diffuser oil and ten reed sticks. 
Key ingredients: A blend of Australian eucalyptus and Thai mint.
The scent: Refreshing with floral notes. 
The promo: 30-percent discount. Normal price: B4,800 for 450ml
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What: Restful Sweet Orange and Rosemary organic essential oil.
Key ingredients: A blend of orange, rosemary, tea tree and bergamot oils.
The scent: Delicate and refreshing, citrusy and sweet. 
The promo: 20-percent discount. Normal price: B3,360 for 35ml
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What: Diffuser refill in tobacco and cedarwood. The brand claims the essential oil can last up to 10 weeks. 
Key ingredients: Honey and Lily of the Valley blended with sandalwood and cedarwood.
The scent: Slightly woody, smokey and sweet.
The promo: B1,990 for 200ml. Buy two-get-one-free when purchasing 200ml diffusers or 200ml refill
Order via Line @bsabthailand or Facebook page


What: Eden Breeze Aroma Diffuser that includes a glass bottle of jasmine and rose essential oil and reed sticks. Tips: reverse the sticks after four hours for the first use, as well as every two weeks for long-lasting scent. 
Key ingredients: A blend of ylang-ylang, geranium, lemon, guaiac wood, bergamot and damask rose oils with cyme rose and jasmine extracts. 
The scent: Soft and floral―think delicate.
How much: B1,450 for 150ml (buy two and get 20-percent discount)
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