Infusing your room with a nice fragrance can certainly lift your tattered spirits. Thanks to two Thai brands, those fragrances don’t have to be boring, either. Drop by Dough and wellness spa Panpuri have teamed up to bring the sugar-and-fat aroma of the donut shop into your home, reminding you of the world you’d rather be experiencing beyond your apartment walls.
Drawing inspiration from Drop by Dough’s four-bestselling flavors, Panpuri has produced a collection that includes Salted Cinnamon Sugar, Raspberry Rose, Creme Brûlée, and Mandarin & Oolong scents. Made from natural soy wax and 100-percent cotton wicks, and sold in pottery made by Chiang Rai artisans, the candles reflect both brands’ spirit of craftsmanship (B1,800/270g). 
Available via Line @dropbydough
Images courtesy of Panpuri, Drop by Dough