In July the renowned Jim Thompson brand partnered with Goh M for a limited collaboration project that sees the pedigree of Jim Thompson with the pop art and graffiti-chic of Goh M.
Goh M, or Kittipong Khamsat, combines the cartoony and bubbly street art to create a sort of tropical design colorscape. The artist’s style fuses pop art, street art, and a bold use of pastels for a bright, summery feel that’s just a little bit retro. 
Expect silk, cotton, and linen to feature in the offerings. Women can find flowing oversized dresses, silk shirts, T-shirts, and silk fisherman pants, and men can find silk Hawaiian shirts, T-shirts, and linen shorts.
This new range comes courtesy of Jim Thompson’s “Artist in Residence” campaign with has featured the collections of artists with three distinct collections. 
The Artist in Residence series kicked off earlier this year with the works of award-winning artist Pichaya "Nuss" Osothcharoenpol and later in April with Nakrob Moonmanas.
Find out more about the collection here