Ikea has teamed up with Thai fashion and lifestyle label Greyhound Original to create a limited-edition collection of multi-functional home furnishings.

Part of Ikea's “Collaboration Projects 2020" campaign, the collection marks the first collaboration in Southeast Asia for the Swedish furniture giant. 

Dubbed “Sammankoppla,” which means “unify” or “interconnect” in Swedish, the eco-friendly collection designed by Greyhound’s creative director Bhanu Inkawat boasts a huge range of 25 home decor items made from reused materials, all of which adds an industrial chic aesthetic with a Thai twist to your living space.

Expect reversible rugs made from recycled plastic straws, Thai-style triangular-shaped cushions, a table and shelving rack inspired by scaffolding seen on construction sites, a multi-purpose LED lamp made from recycled washing liquid bottles with long wires inspired by Thailand’s messy electric cables and more products in Greyhound’s signature shades of black, white and gray.

You'll have to wait to get your hands on any of the pieces, though. The limited-edition collection will be available in Ikea stores worldwide in August 2020, so stay tuned.