Natural beauty and mid-century modern design dominated this year’s Style Bangkok Fair. Here are our picks.

Klaps Design

What: While Klaps Design’s new collection focuses on light wood furniture such as sideboard tables, work desks and long benches, our favorite pick from this contemporary-slash-mid-modern collection is the “Billy Chair.” With its plush, dark olive green leather and classic, understated look, it could come straight out of Mad Men.
Price: B8,600
Get yours at: or 089-898-9689



What: One of Thailand’s best-known wooden furniture companies (alive and kicking since 1972) stepped it up this year with their eco-friendly “Co-Green” outdoor collection. We can totally see the “Green Lamp” collection in some Phuket resort, but it’ll also go well in your living room—striking and natural, reflecting artificial light off the plant for a soft effect.
Price: B22,000
Get yours at: Dees Showroom, 11 Sukhumvit Soi 24, 02-204-0547.


Egg White Design Studio

What: Serious Muji vibes aren’t the only thing we’re picking up from Egg White’s clean aesthetic. Local para wood makes this made-to-order furniture look like it belongs here. The “Match Box” table has multiple drawers, while the “Perd” console makes room for both your massive TV and coffee-table books.
Price: B11,000 for Match Box table and B8,900 for Perd TV Console
Get yours at: or 088-554-5156 



What: Simplicity, sophistication and functionality scream loud and clear from this minimal furniture brand, whose focus is on quality wood pieces with clean lines and no-fuss design. We like the “Butler” tray table for its handsome, dark wood color and sleek looks—subtle art piece meets vintage cocktail table in your living room. 
Price: B10,500
Get yours at: Podium, Urbaan Home Building, 249 Ratchadapisek Rd., 02-693-8998.



What: We’re big fans of Cane’s Southeast Asian, colonial stuff this season. Think 17th century colonial; think weaves. The design of Atelier 2+ (manufactured by Podium) also gives the ash wood furniture a tropical, voyeuristic vibe twisted with some kind of ‘50s sensibility. Whether you want your home to have the airy loft look or urban sophistication, any piece from this collection will work. 
Price: B9,900 for the chair, B72,000 for the screen 
Get yours at: Podium, Urbaan Home Building, 249 Ratchadapisek Rd., 02-693-8998



What: Yes, most of it looks like it belongs in a bachelor pad, and yes, some of its older chair collections did look like the last seats anyone would choose to sit in. But check out the “Takraw” stool, inspired by Thai weaving techniques and played out in earthy colors (don’t worry, the fabric’s removable) for a friendly look. The “Krong” sidetable’s metal frame, glass top side and gold accents are pure extravagance.  
Price: B3,700 for the stool
Get yours at: or 02-693-7889