Joining the many global luxury names that have hit the Thai market in recent years, French fashion label Ami launched its first shop at Emporium, M Floor, last week. 

Ami’s debut comes courtesy of PP Group, known for distributing high profile fashion brands like Cafe Kitsune, Tory Burch, Longchamp, Off-White, and Gentle Monster. Clad in golden accents, polished marble, and softwood, the Emporium branch mirrors over 50 other Ami venues spread across the world including New York, London, and Beijing. 

Founder and creative director Alexandre Mattiussi set up Ami in 2011 to give French fashion a sense of approachability to counter the stuffy, sophisticated stereotypes. But make no mistake, the designs are still undeniably French: tricolor garb, sleek suits, and comfy knits. These items sound cliche but have proven to be timeless—and it doesn’t scream “Emily in Paris.”