Last week saw the launch of the Spruce brand under the leading luxury furniture retailer Chanintr, putting your furniture on a subscription model. 

For as little as B200 per month, subscribers to the Spruce service can start swapping their furniture, with a service that provides complimentary delivery, assembly, and pickup. Big ticket items come with bigger prices, such as the Island Atoll 2 Sofa, for which subscriptions start at B3,200 per month. 
Ostensibly, the brand says this will cut down on waste in the furniture industry, and each piece is refurbished and sanitized after it has been used. A great deal of energy goes into increasingly disposable furniture, and Spruce is an option that will keep used furniture in living rooms rather than landfill. 
After selecting the pieces, patrons of Spruce choose anywhere between a three and 12 month subscription plan for their pieces; at the end of the period, subscribers can continue, swap, or end the service.