Calling all Leica fans and budding photographers with deep pockets: behold the Leica M10-R, the latest offering from the M10 series. 

While the M10-R is visually similar to its M10 and M10-P predecessors, this new rangefinder camera boasts a high-resolution variant featuring a newly developed sensor of over 40 megapixels, which is a huge upgrade from the 24 megapixel sensor of the M10. The result? Significantly enhanced details and sharpness, as well as greatly improved performance for cropping and larger formats. In addition to delivering lower levels of noise and moire patterns, the new sensor also allows for a longer maximum exposure time of 16 minutes, meaning you’ll have more creative freedom and flexibility when capturing night landscapes like star trails and motion blur.

The M10-R is the latest model in the Leica M10 line after the M10, M10-P, M10-D and M10 Monochrome. As with all Leica M-series models, the camera is hand-built, dust-resistant and weather-sealed. Unsurprisingly, it is priced at a gut-punching B285,300 and comes in two variations: black chrome and silver chrome.

Available at Leica Store, 2/F, Gaysorn Village, 999 Ploenchit Road, 02-656-1102