After numerous mall pop-ups, the skin and body care Australian brand founded in the late 80s is finally opening up its first flagship store in Thonglor 13. 
Aesop’s team works closely with a local design team to communicate a visual language that fits into the brand’s identity and is unique.
Last year Aesop collaborated with designer Samuso Hyojadong for the signature store in Seoul. Taking inspiration from the ancient Korean jeongjas pavilion with no walls, the boutique benefits from the lack of dividers, giving shoppers a familiar sense of airy open space.
For Bangkok, Aesop partnered with Sher Maker Studio to pull architectural cues and material sources from different parts of Thailand. 
The main makeup of the outlet is made out of reclaimed teak sourced from the previous building owner’s personal collection and the Bang Ban district. This dark wood works its way into the beams and shop shelves, a display to line the walls with amber product bottles. 
Minimizing the amount of waste, the leftover wood was turned into seating areas and lid covers for the different compartments in the store’s centerpiece basin.
The basin itself is made out of granite, a common feature of traditional fire pits key to communal rural gatherings; it’s also made into a krok, meaning the mortar used to grind dishes like som tam.
Shoppers can ask for an in-depth personal consultation to find out which product works best with their skin type and sample goodies first hand.
Aesop’s calming warm herbal scent soothes shoppers on entrance, and there is a semi-enclosed sensorium zone dedicated to their fragrances. 
The extended sanctuary zone is constructed using the local wisdom of Fa-Lhai, or the sliding door technique, which allows visitors to shift the light and shadow of the room with its moving walls. 
Ultimately, their signature store isn’t just for Aesop super fans. It's a haven for aesthetes and perfume enthusiasts looking for inspiration and an escape from downtown BKK.
87/1-3 Unit B Akkhara Phat Alley, 063 937 2557, Open daily 10am-8pm