Skincare fans are no strangers to the Australian skincare brand Aesop, renowned globally for their ethically-produced and high quality facial, hair, and body care products—no animal testing or animal-derived ingredients. 
Good news for Aesop fans in Thailand: its first flagship store is now open on Thonglor 13. The new venue is also the only street-level store in Southeast Asia and the only one with a fragrance sensorium—a dedicated scent-focused space within the store that offers a private sensory experience for customers.
Stepping into its inaugural store in Thailand feels like entering a quiet, inviting oasis where one can relax and immerse themselves into a rejuvenating experience. 
The store's warm and comforting ambience is no coincidence; it was mindfully designed in collaboration with Chiang Mai architecture studio Sher Maker—renowned for blending natural and urban environments. The space itself is a homage to the rich architectural history of Thailand’s provinces, and uses reclaimed teak sourced from the personal collection of the building’s owner and the nearby Bang Ban district.
Marianne Lardilleux, Head of Store Design at Aesop, says the brand has always sought out local artists and inspiration from local culture when designing new stores. She compares it to pieces in a well-coordinated wardrobe, where individual components combine to form an integrated, harmonious whole. 
“The design of our spaces matters deeply to us,” said Lardilleux. “They are as cogent an expression of our thinking as products and packaging, created to deliver a unique experience to our customers and the gracious and knowledgeable staff who spend hours in them.”
To further foster a sense of community and align the store with traditional Thai charm, it is anchored by a centerpiece reminiscent of a Kraba-Din, a traditional earthen fire pit found in rural areas, which is often a favorite spot for communal gatherings and heartfelt conversations in villages. The store’s layout echoes this sentiment by encouraging interaction around the central sinks crafted from the same granite used in many local kitchens.
The traditional decor enmeshes itself perfectly with the minimal and classy packaging of amber bottles lining the walls, with Aesop’s complete range of formulations for the skin, hair, body and home. For visitors needing a more personalized consultation or time with the products, an en-suite basin tucked to the side enables one to try things out and pick favorites with ample ease.
Since Aesop believes that memorable customer experiences in welcoming spaces are as important as the quality of its exceptional products, the vibrant and bustling neighborhood of Thonglor was an obvious choice to best integrate and convey the brand’s values to both Thai and foreign customers in Bangkok. 
According to Marianne, after launching standalone stores in cool and trendy neighborhoods in places like Tokyo and Paris, the new Aesop Thonglor is a natural progression aligned with the same vision.   
Aesop is entirely comfortable with non-conformity, and it was a natural choice to celebrate the re-opening in Thailand with a neighborhood store, built by a local architect, that could find its place in a district that reflects both the vibrancy and history of Bangkok. The brand looked for communities that share their interests. They were immediately fascinated by Thonglor, which they viewed as the epitome of modernity casually juxtaposed with traditional Thai charm. The area brings together a dynamic and eclectic mix of galleries, eateries and gathering spaces, alongside its unique history and a lively local community.
“Aesop has long supported the local communities in which we operate. Similarly, in Thonglor, we aim to positively impact the neighborhood while engaging with and facilitating a good experience for its like-minded residents,” she concludes. 
The brand has built a cult-following across the globe for many of its lines, including its Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Intense Serum and Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash.
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