Yesterday the sneaker giant Adidas launched its classic Superstar XLG shoes at Central World and Siam Square One, a shoe that’s endured for more than half a century. 
On Monday, Adidas went retro with the launch of the new (and customizable) sneaker at their two Bangkok shops, Adidas Brand Center and Adidas Originals Siam Center as well as participating venues throughout the city, with special deals lasting until August 6. 
The 54-year-old design features classic white leather uppers with a bulky body giving it a real vintage look. 
While they last, those purchasing the shoes will receive a free pair of cool laces designed by Craft Creator at select venues. This special event will be held on Jul 22 at Central world and Siam Square one, with only four rounds per day. 
Also until Aug 6, shoppers will be able to buy five decorations to customize their classic kicks at participating stores for B250 each—something that will be particularly fun for the children’s version. 
The sneakers run for B4,300 baht and B2,800 and B3,000 for kids.