What do Beyonce, Lisa from Black Pink, and Hailey Bieber have in common? Well, apart from more money than us, they’re all fans of Vietnamese fashion. These global superstars are donning Viet fashion on red carpets, in concert performances, and off duty. Whether it’s their silhouettes or having a finger on the pulse of TikTok’s latest trends such as the Y2K renaissance and ballet-inspired looks, you can’t deny that the next fashion powerhouse is right next door. 

The brands mentioned on this list are available online. For Bangkokians interested in trying out these fits in-person, head to Blulagoon, Amotions, and Bonstyle Ladame for curated multi-brand pieces. Also keep an eye out for occasional pop ups at Rentroom.

Fanci Club

Photo: Fanci Club / Instagram

It’s impossible to talk about Vietnamese fashion without mentioning the “Fanci Club” viral sensation. Starting out as a shop that sold second hand and upcycled pieces, the brand slowly developed their own designs and signature elements. Their recognizable combos of frilly trims, bows, and rosettes has caught the attention of pop stars around the world, including the likes of Doja Cat, Olivia Rodrigo, and T-pop songstress Bowkylion.

Cong Tri

Photo: Cong Tri / Facebook

The eponymous label founded by bonafide designer Nguyen Cong Tri has slowly built a bespoke clientele ranging from Adele to Issa Rae. In 2013, the brand made history becoming the first Vietnamese house to go full haute couture. The essence of the brand lies in its experimental avant garde designs and handcrafted details. 

Aeie Studios

Photo: Aeie Studios/ Facebook

Founded in 2018, this Saigon-based fashion brand is the ultimate chameleon. You don’t know what to expect from collection to collection but it never disappoints with its fresh interpretations. The label originally blew up in 2020 after the release of its “Waifu'' collection which adds a modern take to wedding dresses. Their statement pieces could easily go from editorial to a night out.


Photo: Datt / Website

In a sartorial world filled technicolor, Datt is a breath of fresh air, sticking to beige and neutral tones, and occasionally breaking the house code with some denim and funky coral color. They are mostly known for the variations of “tattoo” pieces that print texts onto nude illusion dresses, corsets, and tank tops. The other half of the brand identity carries everything from boho-chic beach style vacation wear to bridesmaid glamor. 


Photo: Mamavirus / Facebook

Perhaps one of the ringleaders of the coquettish, ballet-core aesthetic which took off in 2023, Mamavirus combines soft elements like pastels, lace detailing, and bows with form fitting silhouettes and vampy corsets. This creates a distinctive blend of sweet and sexy pieces that can be dressed up or down. It’s not hard to wonder why this brand is already a hit among Thai fashionistas.

Latui Atelier

Photo: Latui Atelier / Facebook

Hopping onto the other side of Vietnamese fashion, Latui Atelier is the label to check out if you’re even remotely interested in street style. Their latest collection “Hysteria Portrait” is bringing nostalgia back with some exaggerated, oversized, low-waisted pants, complete with some gritty distress detail that looks like you’ve survived a fashion-forward apocalypse. The collection also features some loose corset tops but not without a bit of punk rock treatment.

Aah Midnight Club

Photo: Aah Midnight Club / Facebook

With garments designed for the stage and the street, Aah Midnight Club has made its way into the closets of Thai singers like Gena Desouza and Sarunchana “Aye” Apisamaimongkol. Its latest release, “Goodbye to Romance,” showcases a combo of old and new: Western cowboy shirts, butter yellow blouses with exaggerated pointed collars, and cut out mesh tops.

Lider Closet

Photo: Lider Closet / Facebook

Lider Closet weaves relaxing vibes through traditionally stuffy tailored outfits. In their latest “Tiff Draco” collection, the label brought out pieces like checkered caramel-colored blazers and had fun by adding a smokey black panel in the front. Their chocolate brown oversized jacket embossed with dragon iconography in the back is the perfect outerwear to celebrate this year’s auspicious zodiac animal.

Dac Embellish

Photo: Dac Embellish / Instagram

Adding some simplicity into the bunch, Dac Embellish entered the Vietnamese fashion scene with a clever twist to your parent’s favorite wardrobe pieces. Unlike most of the ultra trendy brands on this list, the devil is really in the details with this one. Their sleek silhouettes and subtle but surprising designs might be Viet fashion’s best entry point.

The Stan Club 

Photo: Stan Club / Instagram

Barbie isn’t the only doll that had an impact on the fashion industry. If you grew up playing with Bratz, this one's for you. The Stan Club embodies the epitome of noughties grunge fashion, sticking to hallmarks of the era like body hugging tube tops and miniskirts. Occasionally, you’ll find some girlier pieces like their 60s-inspired boat neck mod dress.