• | Oct 20, 2017

While many companies only pay lip service to important issues, some of Thailand’s most interesting brands are focusing their entire operations around sustainability and uplifting local communities. Whether it is reducing waste in the fashion industry, fighting the exploitation of labor laws or fostering community engagement through interesting events, these companies are proving that profit and sustainability can co-exist. 

Rubber Killer 

A project from Re-Leaf Studio—a sustainability-focused design firm—Rubber Killer takes abandoned tires from bicycles and four-wheeled vehicles to produce bags, straps and wallets that are functional and fashion-forward. Get it at: www.rubberkiller.com.

Mr. Leaf

This Chiang Mai-based bags and accessories brand creates all its products with tong tung leaves—a tough and durable plant native to Thailand’s northern provinces. Mr. Leaf aims to encourage eco-friendly lifestyle by reusing old materials. Get it at: www.leaf2003.com.


Instead of letting old, tired clothes rot in the closet, Bangkok-based Madmatter collects thrifty threads and transforms them into functional tote bags, wallets and hats. Get it at: 330 Charansanitwong Soi 67, Sirinthorn Rd., 086-052-0205 or www.madmatterstore.com.

Seeker x Retriever

Thai-Australia label, Seeker x Retriever works with craftspeople in the north to carefully dye, weave and sew its gender-neutral clothing lines, using all-natural materials. Get it at: www.seekerxretriever.com.

Mae Teeta

This Thai-based brand uses eco-friendly dying methods and locally-harvested materials like cotton, indigo, mango and ebony.  Get it at: www.maeteeta.net.


Locally-sourced and chemical-free, the chic clothing lines from Folkcharm are based on collaborations with various rural Thai communities. Commitment to fair employment has helped the lives of countless organic farmers. Get it at: www.folkcharm.com.


Taktai produces a variety of handmade fashion items, from tops to shoes, all using 100-percent natural fabrics from organic bamboo, banana, hemp, pineapple, water hyacinth and water lily.  Get it at: www.taktaibrand.com.

Maison Craft

Its 100-percent environmentally-friendly homeware sports modern, trendy designs and interesting geometric motifs. Core to its sustainability mission is uplifting local craftspeople and helping promote their ancient design traditions. Get it at: 79/656 Phayathai St., 094-546-6554 or www.maisoncraft.com.


To make these trendy, practical and environmentally-friendly shoes, Thai-brand Larinn sources materials from villages across Thailand with the help of HM the Queen’s SUPPORT foundation. The mission? Support local traditions and creativity. Get it at: lookbook.larinn.com.


With a focus on equal opportunity employment and environmental sustainability, trendy brand Fulame creates all of its products using natural materials and indigo dyes. Get it at: fb.com/Fulame.

Sustainable products perfect for giveaways at events

Replace your traditional event gifts with one of these five fashionable items from Thai brands that are dedicated to uplifting local communities and helping preserve the environment.
Timeless Tea Spoon 
These funky handmade wooden tea spoons come by way of the artisans at Maison Craft, which gathers its materials from around the world to create its eco-friendly products. 
Fresh Face Set
Fashion brand Seeker x Retriever doesn’t just make clothing, it also dabbles in the world of skincare. Its online store stocks Nuaynard Handcraft’s Fresh Face set, which uses all-natural ingredients sourced from Northeastern Thailand. 
Soap Flight Set
Another skincare item from Nuaynard Handcraft. This time it’s a set of fragrant flight soaps, made with ingredients like coconut oil from Isaan. 
Wrinkled Nylon Cap Vol.2
This foldable snapback flat-brim hat from Rubber Killer is on-trend and made in Thailand using 100-percent recycled materials. 
Card Holder
Also from Rubber Killer, this card holder comes in six different colors and is made from old inner tubes. 


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