Spring, well, doesn’t exist in Bangkok. It’s wet and hot and dry. But you can’t tell that to Den Kushi Flori who recently launched their spring menu. For regulars to the French-Japanese resto from two Michelin star chefs, you’ll be familiar with the culinary blends that marry those two cultures and a touch of Thainess.
Their winter menu focused on heavy, hearty treats, but spring is all about delicate flavors and colorful presentation. The distinctive Thai notes take a back seat in this one but still crop up in the use of some ingredients and sauces.
For a gentle opener, the restaurant presents an avocado mousse surrounded by a moat of refreshingly tangy roselle jam and a bubbly concoction of dashi infused okra foam. The tumbling mountain of caviar on top adds a bit more savoriness and completes the overall algae-like texture of the dish.
Harking back to the OG Den Kushi Flori flavors and the skewer style presentation, the second dish on the docket is a French style flambe cheese onion soup served with bite size hamaguri (striped clams). It’s then topped with tarot mochi wrapped in seaweed and some crispy salted butter rice chips perfect for dipping in the warm soup. With its playful multi-texture, it has quickly become a customer fav.
Nothing screams spring more than their platter of assorted edible petals. The juicy Japanese tiger prawn spring rolls are complimented with a fresh bed of rocket tomato and sweet and sour tamarind sauce. The striking purple dragon fruit dip adds a pop of color but gives these rolls a bit of heat. 
Another Den Kushi Flori staple are the clay pot rice bowls. Previously with beef and gobo for winter, now the seasonal bamboo shoots are the shining star of the spring season. Skewered gelatinous pork belly sits on top giving it an extra layer of sheen. The tamarind sauce and kaprao brings Thai notes to the dish—and when we say the kaprao is spicy, we mean it.
The proteins are a bit more on the mild side but are highlighted with the sauces. The generous portion of yellow chicken is firm and soft so that you can use chopsticks to tear the meat—served atop asparagus and Japanese sesame sauce.
For lunch, the course starts at B1,800 for four dishes and B3,500 for 7 dishes. For dinner, the seven courses start at B3,500. The spring menu will last until the end of May.
LG/F, Erawan Bangkok Building, 02-022-0200. Open Mon 12-2:30pm, 6-10pm; Wed-Sun 12-2:30pm, 6-10pm.