Good news if you have a gluten intolerance.

Good news if you have a gluten intolerance: Pizza Massilia’s Ruam Rudee branch has you covered.

One of the two wood-fired ovens at the pizzeria is dedicated to pumping out gluten-free pizza and there’s also a special prep corner to eliminate any chance of contamination.

Using buckwheat, rice and maize flour imported from Italy with just a pinch of salt, the dough is fermented for 24 hours, with only only one batch made per day—the equivalent to roughly six pizzas, so call ahead! Because there’s no leavening, don’t expect a puffed up crust like you would from a traditional pizza, but you still get those crisp edges.

Try it with our pick of the toppings: the creamy, tangy burrata and culatello (B690).

15/1 Soi Ruamrudee, 02-651-5091. Open daily 5-11:30pm 

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