Fragrance company Penhaligon’s and The Marmalade Pantry have tied-up to offer perfume-inspired cupcakes and teatime treats from October through December.

For October, The Marmalade Pantry will sell a cupcake ($4.50) inspired by Penhaligon’s Peoneve scent. The creation is a violet leaf-frosted dark chocolate cupcake with a rose jam center.

And in November and December, they will offer a three-tier high tea set ($60) with each tier inspired by one of Penhaligon’s fragrances: Peoneve (the cupcakes), Vaara (scones with clotted cream and quince jam, eggplant mambaldhi, Turkish delight tartlets and tongka bean pound cakes) and Blenheim Bouquet (lemon and lime brulee, a beef sandwich with black pepper mayonnaise, and a lavender blueberry financier).

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