One of Thonglor’s most frequented sport centers, The Racquet Club, recently launched RQ Bite 49, a new community dining spot that aims to up the center’s in-house food game. Feaw (slag in Thai for “cool”) spearheads this project with notched-up Thai classics to accompany the sporty and afternoon break crowds. 
Feaw’s dishes might seem simplistic at first glance but the devil is in the details.
Photo: Pork dumpling with sweet sauce  / BK Magazine
There are dim sum dishes to share with friends like the jumbo pork dumplings with generous amounts of filling and a satisfying crunchiness that lasts even after being left out for a while. 
If you’re a fan of deep fried chive cakes, then you’ll find the ones here are pleasantly arranged in layers to add more texture. As a plus, the layering technique reduces the amount of flour needed to get that perfect crunchy-outside-soft-inside ratio. 
Photo: Blanched beef shank / BK Magazine
For the blanched beef shank, the team at Feaw forgoes the usual cuts and instead thinly slices a deeper part of the shank that crisscrosses with tendons—resulting in a more bouncy bite of meat than you would normally get. All the beef here goes through a halal slaughtering process, ensuring the blood will be drained and won’t mix in with the meat. 
Photo: Rice noodle Tom Yum / BK Magazine
Noodle lovers can get their fill with some tom yum, and try out the Hong Kong-style golden noodles, which have a taste more akin to pasta than traditional egg noodles.  
Familiar go-to a la carte favorites like pad kaprao also make it into the line-up. What’s special here is the use of wild basil, which has a stronger aroma and slightly more bite, and the use of beef imported from Australia. The flavor profile is not super spicy, but does include a satisfyingly crispy sunny-side-up egg with runny yolk to drizzle on top.
Sukhumvit 49/9, 063-956-2778. Open daily 10am-8pm.
Photo: Beef Kaprao / BK Magazine
Photo: Fried pork belly in fish sauce with spicy fermented fish dip  / BK Magazine
Photo: Boiled beef soup / BK Magazine