A new Shanghainese restaurant in the pipeline.

News has reached us from Laris Creates that the man himself is soon to open a Shanghainese restaurant called Le Sheng (乐笙).

Says David: ""As a western Chef who has been in China for almost 10 years, I wanted to merge my experience overseas with what I have learned here, to create a Chinese concept for the first time. Le Sheng blends traditional elements with art, design and styling in a new way, resulting in a re-imagination of contemporary Chinese culture and food".

Local Shanghainese chefs will be cooking authentic local dishes, reinterpreted and modernized by Laris. "My hope is that local Shanghainese will come dine at Le Sheng, order dishes that they know and love, food they grew up eating...but will be surprised and truly delighted when they actually experience our interpretation of their food."

Should be interesting.

Le Sheng is set to open in October in the new Anfu Court development.