100 Mahaseth

The place: From a warm, rustic space just off Charoenkrung, chefs Chalee Kader (Surface, Holy Moly) and Randy Noprapa (Fillets) reward diners for taking the plunge into the world of local offcuts. Drawn heavily from Isaan and the north, dishes like the beef entrails in spicy soup and charcoal-roasted bone marrow really make you question all the fuss over premium meat—and have you coming back for more.

The menu: Seven courses, featuring Isaan beef tartare, grilled Chiang Mai halloumi cheese, pineapple pla-ra, somtam gai yang and more.

Price: B1,850++ / person

Dates:  Mar 26-Apr 11

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The place: Charoenkrung’s former hipster hangout went upscale in 2019 and earnt a Michelin star for its inventive, seasonal Thai tasting menus, wine pairing and craft cocktails. Fermentation remains at the heart of chef Napol Jantraget’s cooking, while desserts by Japanese pastry chef Saki Hoshino forgo sweetness in favor of sublimely challenging new flavors.

The menu: Seven dishes covering grilled chicken with turmeric glaze, gourd and soup with fermented fish and more.

Price: B1,800++ / person

Dates:  Apr 2-5, 9-11

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Akira Back

The place: When eating at the sky-high Bangkok outpost of American Korean celeb chef Akira Back, you can expect a blend of Korean-Japanese-American comfort food amid swanky surroundings. 

make sure you order to share. The menu’s designed for it, and doing so means you won’t miss out on trying highlights from the umami-rich and crispy-chewy wagyu tacos to the crispy tuna sashimi pizza to the grilled octopus with smoked jalapeno sauce.

The menu: A four-course menu of seafood chawanmushi—uni, ikura, king crab, salmon, green peas and shimeji—wagyu patty sliders, caramel and coffee mousse cake and more.

Price: B1,500++ / person

Dates:  Mar 26-Apr 11

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Appia Trattoria

The place: Going strong since 2013, Italian restaurant Appia has constantly evolved as a restaurant, continually updating both the food and venue itself. The setting is as welcoming as ever, retaining its charming trattoria feel with linen tablecloths, warm lighting and a wall decked out with photos and artwork, while upstairs, the mezzanine has been transformed into a beautiful wine room, filled with over 120 labels.

The menu: A five-course feast of mazara red prawn ravioli, wood-grilled Mediterranean octopus, pork cheek cannelloni and more.

Price: B1,500++ / person

Dates:  Mar 26-Apr 2

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The place: This modern two-story wood house with backyard views is the brainchild of two Indian chefs, Deepanker Khosla and Tarun Bhatia, who are both zealots for the farm-to-table and zero-waste approach. 

The menu: A whopping nine-course line-up of chaat with pomegranate, tamarind, mint, yoghurt and cilantro; chicken, makhani and naan bread; duck mousse; and much more.

Price: B2,390++ / person 

Dates:  Mar 26-29, Mar 31 - Apr 5, Apr 7-11

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Il Fumo

The place: Under the direction of chef Nelson Amorim, this new-wave Portuguese restaurant respects tradition and produce, while being unafraid to look to other cultures for inspiration. 

The menu: Six inventive dishes covering salted cod fish tartare with extra virgin olive oil ice cream, quail with winter vegetables and port wine jus and more.

Price: B1,599++ / person

Dates:  Mar 26-Apr 11

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The place: Indus has consistently maintained its high standards and dedication to serving authentic mughalai-style Indian cuisine since 2005. The restaurant, set in a 1960s art deco house, comprises an elegant dining room, a capacious bar, a tropical garden with alfresco seating and private dining room.

The menus: Seven-course vegetarian or non-vegetarian menus, featuring paneer tiranga, Bengali-style steamed seabass marinated with mustard seed paste, spicy mutton curry and more.

Price: B1,600++ / person (veg), B1,800 ++/ person (non-veg), B2,600++ / person (veg with alcoholic beverages), B2,800++ / person (non-veg with alcoholic beverages)

Dates:  Mar 26-Apr 11

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The place: Nestled deep down a residential Charoenkrung soi, far removed from the Japanese hotbed that is Sukhumvit, this sleek modern izakaya is providing the fuel for many a big night out. To go with the artisanal sake, natural wines and cocktails, chef Chet Atkins applies expert preparation and excellent produce to yakitori and kushiyaki (Japanese-style grilled skewers), as well as stylish interpretations of Japanese and Korean comfort food.

The menu: Four mouthwatering courses with various options, from yellowfin tuna poke and uni pasta to tiger prawn or Angus yakitori skewers, yuzu trifle and more.

Price: B1,500++ / person, B2,250++ / person (with alcohol)

Dates:  Mar 26-Apr 5

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La Bottega di Luca

The place: Sardinia-born head chef Andrea Ortu ensures a menu that brims with serious D.O.P. produce scoured from the lengths of Italy. The classy dining room is primed for special occasions, while the dark wooden balcony offers a more relaxed vibe. 

The menu: Four indulgent courses with a ton of choices, from Mediterranean mussels to Australian wagyu.

Price: B1,600++ / person, B1,800++ / person (Mar 30)

Dates:  Mar 26-Apr 11

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Le Du

The place: Here, chef Thitid “Ton” Tassanakajohn treats diners to contemporary reinterpretations of Thai classics using cream-of-the-crop local produce. Le Du’s original dining room shirks decor trends and lets you focus on your plate, where the sights, smells and flavors form true masterpieces. The second floor, with its bricks and dark lattice-work, allows for a moodier tete-a-tete.

The menu: Four courses, covering khao chae (pork and shrimp balls with jasmine ice cream), grouper with southern bitter beans, charcoal-grilled pork jowl and more.

Price: B2,390++ / person

Dates:  Mar 26,31, Apr 1-2, 7-9

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Le Normandie

The place: The original home of Bangkok French fine dining (open for business since 1958) has soared back into every top-tier foodie conversation under chef Arnaud Dunand-Sauthier, whose food has won two Michelin stars. Tasting menus here are equally as subtle, graceful and driven by the best produce at hand. No local restaurant does old-school glamour as well as Le Normandie.

The menu: Four courses charting saumon sauvage, suckling pig and more.

Price: B6,700++ / person or B7,700++ / person with alcohol

Dates:  Mar 26-28, Mar 30 - Apr 4, Apr 6-11

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Lord Jim's

The place: Located at the Mandarin Oriental, directly next to the hotel’s stunning riverside area, this restaurant leans towards sustainably-sourced fish and prime cuts of meat cooked over wood-fired grills. 

The menu: Five courses with various options, from ricotta ‘dumplings’ with braised wagyu Tuscan kale, parmesan cream and oyster mushrooms to crispy-skin Ora King salmon with silken eggplant, toasted rice and smoked dashi broth.

Price: B3,100++ / person or B3,850++ / person with alcohol

Dates:  Mar 26-Apr 11

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Mia Restaurant Bangkok

The place: Mia occupies a carefully renovated two-story house, featuring multiple dining rooms each with their own unique design. In the kitchen, pastry chef Michelle Goh flexes her Suhring-trained muscles and Top Russell, BK's Young Chef of the Year in 2018, turns out "modern European" dishes. 

The menu: Four complex courses bringing together oysters, stuffed churros, foie gras donuts, confit hake, pork jowl and much more.

Price: B1,950++ / person

Dates:  Mar 26-29, Mar 31 - Apr 5, Apr 7-11

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The place: Formerly The Dining Room, this lavish mansion was originally the personal residence of the aristocrat who gave Sathorn its name. Now, it's a lofty, upscale Thai seafood restaurant where produce is king and recipes are classic. 

The menu: Four courses with Jean-Paul oysters, a choice of giant river prawn or crying tiger steak, and more.

Price: B2,180++ / person

Dates:  Apr 1-10

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The place: Precise. Elegant. French. Henk Savelberg does fine dining in the classic sense of the phrase. Some of your dishes may have a modern flourish—be it shocking orange tableware or neat rows of faux-fish scales atop poached lobster—but the restrained flavor combinations and formal graces are as polished as they come.

The menu: Four courses of lobster rouleau, quail with foie gras, sole in coconut sauce and Dutch apple cake.

Price: B2,589++ / person

Dates: Mar 26-28, Mar 30-Apr 4, Apr 6-11

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The place: Taan runs with Bangkok’s pack of locally focused, innovative-yet-devoutly-Thai restaurants usually found in Charoenkrung back alleys or converted warehouses. There’s only one catch: this one sits inside a perfectly air-conditioned glass box 25 floors above Bangkok in the Siam@Siam hotel. The food is uncompromising, inventive, soulful and balanced.

The menu: Seven courses covering raw Khon Kaen wagyu with ginger and shrimp sauce, deep-fried cardamom pork belly, slow steamed egg custard and more.

Price: B1,599++ / person

Dates:  Mar 26, 30-31, Apr 1-2, 6-9

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Terrace Rim Naam

The place: The sister restaurant of the Mandarin Oriental’s Sala Rim Naam is just across the storied hotel, bordering the Chao Praya in an elegant al fresco setting. To a backdrop of traditional Thai pavilions amid a manicured tropical garden, impeccable wait staff bring out traditional, regional Thai specialties.

The menu: Six courses including grilled sea-bass with fresh herbs and coconut cream, grilled tenderloin beef in green curry, a Royal Thai salad of mixed vegetables with river prawns and salted egg yolk, and more.

Price: B3,100++ / person or B4,100++ / person with wine pairing

Dates:  Mar 26-Apr 11

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Upstairs at Mikkeller

The place: There’s a serene sophistication to chef Dan Bark’s intimately scaled chef’s table restaurant above the Danish craft beer bar Mikkeller. While the dining room keeps things Nordically simple, the tasting menus burst with impactful and labor-intense flavors.

The menu: Seven courses covering Argentinian red shrimp with calamansi, coconut and cucumber, wagyu beef tartare with beets, and more.

Price: B2,650++ / person or B3,300++ / person with beer pairing

Dates: Mar 27-30, Apr 3-6, 10-11

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Yamazato Restaurant

The place: A sushi bar and teppanyaki grill, featuring Japanese chefs and produce plus great views over Bangkok.

The menu: Seven courses encompassing grilled Sakura sea bream with yuzu; fatty tuna belly, yellowtail and salmon sashimi; and more.

Price: B2,120++ / person, B2,943++ / person (Apr 1)

Dates: Apr 1-7

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