Over the last two years, restaurants across Bangkok have been devastated by the effects and restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. So, BK Magazine decided to stop doing objective food reviews, and we even removed rankings from our annual Top Tables guide. It just wasn’t the right time to be critical. 
Well, time’s up and objective criticism is back. Everyone in Thailand knows what criticism means: negativity. 
Today, BK Magazine is pleased to announce its inaugural list of “Bangkok’s Worst Restaurants 2022”. The list includes individual awards for the die-hard, stubborn restaurants that have somehow survived the pandemic to continue tricking the masses through their doors. Categories include: most absurdly focus-grouped restaurants, most pretentious sommeliers, most inappropriate use of truffles, dumbest thing in a cocktail, most inedible Instagram fodder, worst dining music, most blatant attempt to appeal to hipsters, most annoying neighborhood, and more.
During the past two years, BK’s food critics, culinary experts, and in-house team of master chefs have been scouring through Bangkok restaurants—both old and new—to select, not the cream of the crop, but the bottom of the barrel.
“Everyone knows that BK Magazine’s purpose is to be horrible and mean to restaurants,” says Babylon Mandela IV, CEO of BK Magazine. “This list solidifies BK Magazine as the biggest asshole in the entire Bangkok lifestyle media landscape.”  
To see the full list of Bangkok’s Worst Restaurants, click here.