In busy Bangkok, we’re familiar with grab-and-go coffee shops. But if you want to slow things down a beat, Heiwa Kissa is the city’s new space for convos in a Japanese retro coffee house.
Presenting a kissaten-style cafe, jazz plays in the background while the “master” or the stationed barista get to use their traditional coffee making equipment sans shiny modern machines to fill the conversation and cups. 
At the moment, the beans are sourced from India. They are sun-dried during the monsoon season so the beans capture a more intense dark flavor. We tried out the Moka pot (B150), a well-balanced blend that curbs bitter and smokey notes.
The attention to detail doesn’t stop at the drinks; the barista selects a porcelain cup to match the vibe of each customer. 
Beyond the coffee line up are their list of light casual snacks. Here they serve spinach quiche to a sweet tooth items like the apple pie (B120) which has a medium body, mild sweetness, and a well-proportioned crust.
Another menu item we tried is the Earl Grey Baumkuchen, the German log cake with visible multilayers, a hot item on the Japanese cafe scene. It’s so popular that the Japanese made March 4 Baumkuchen day.
To grasp the complex flavors, pop a bit of the cake into your mouth followed by coffee. The cake melts away, releasing the sweet and aromatic tea notes.
If you’re not a coffee lover, we suggest you go for the Latte Float (B150) with a scoop of ice cream that cuts the richness of the caffeine, or you can try out the Melon Soda (B150). The icy and creamy combo makes this kissaten classic an optimal pairing for our weather.
245 Boriphat Rd., 081 405 0483, Open Tues-Sun 10am-6pm.
This article was produced with BK Magazine partner Soimilk.