London, one of the world’s most bustling metropolises, a melting pot of cultures and restaurants; Shanghai, the pearl in the Far East, a city that never sleeps. So, what happens when a successful chain restaurant takes one slice of London lifestyle to the latter? Inspiration, magic and a breath of fresh air.

Welcome to glo London, straight from the UK’s capital and recently landed in Shanghai. It’s not called the ‘Shanghai flagship store’ for nothing. While its other two outlets in Reading and Walton-on-Thames are mainly grill restaurants (the former also has a lounge bar), this new venue in Shanghai takes up four floors, which of them is given a different concept – 1F Bakery Café, 2F Gastro Grill, 3F Lounge Bar and 4F Rooftop BBQ.

The management team has flown in directly from London, including Group General Manager Gavin White, Development Chef Hardeep Somal and Operation Manager Tibor Versits etc. To ensure a smooth operation, they are in the flagship store all the time. As a matter of fact, you can even spot Gavin White himself cooking behind the showcase open kitchen in the Gastro Grill from time to time and in the 1st Floor Bakery café with their signature orange apron behind the counter . ‘Our team is driven by passion, not anything else,’ says Somal, ‘We keep the taste consistent and give our staff good training.’

If you’re somewhat confused by glo London’s different concepts, don’t worry. They’re here to give options, not to cause confusion. ‘Sometimes people get overwhelmed when they open our menu, but we’re not trying to do everything. We’re just giving people choices.’ explains Somal.

Somal also says they are here to ‘present something we do in UK’, and they certainly have achieved it. The menu is highlighted by grilled steaks, cosmopolitan pizzas and international favorites. You can enjoy a plate of authentic fish & chips, sample cosmopolitan green curry or dig into the juicy manuka steaks, all of which are popular back in the UK. But Shanghai got something that will make London jealous – a full-on bakery and a rooftop BBQ.

If you fancy a drink after dinner, glo London’s cocktail masters have created a bespoke menu for Shanghai in the Lounge Bar. Twelve flavored mojitos are the must-try here, from Mexicano and Cuban to Strawberry and Lemongrass.

Just like Londoners, people in Shanghai often have a crazy schedule. But glo London is a place you can visit any time of day, be it a coffee in the morning, a lunch platter in the middle of the day, or a three-course dinner at night. Drop by, take a seat and the pace of time will magically slow down, even in the heart of a city that is always on the go.