Fillets is taking meals on wheels to a whole new level with their decked-out sushi truck, Fillets Go.
The Bangrak spot, known for its Edomae-style sushi, loungy vibe, and fresh deliveries from Tokyo’s most esteemed fish sellers, is bringing the omakase experience to you in a custom-made food truck, complete with two sushi chefs in tow.  
Reserve it in advance, and the truck will roll up to your house or apartment and then be transformed into a full-on sushi station, where chefs prepare your order in front of you. With respect to the current situation, the truck is sterilized before your order is made and the staff work in rotation to enhance safety for everyone. 
Three different sets are available: Premium (B,2500) offering 11 choices, or Chef Choice with either nine (B1,900) or six pieces (B1,500). Each set features nigiri such as maguro (bluefin tuna) and kinmedai (splendid alfonsino, or golden-eyed snapper) plated on wooden serving boards that are gifted to each customer. Once you get your sets, the chefs pack up and head out, leaving you with a top-notch meal to enjoy wherever you wish.  
Along with the omakase, you can also tack on Japanese goodies like fresh uni (B1,200/50g), shoyu-cured ikura (salmon roe; B360/50g), ebi miso bisque (B120) made with prawn heads and scented with yuzu, and tsukemo (B180), a trio of pickled veggies like daikon and cucumber.
You can make it a complete experience with one of the various kamameshi (mixed rice dishes) like the gyu tan (B1,150) featuring 18-hour braised and seared beef tongue over rice, paired with jidori pickled egg and various condiments. If you’re in need of something sweet, Fillets offers a super fluffy castella tamago cake (B650/medium size) boxed and ready to go.
Fillets is the brainchild of chef Randy Noprapa, a former protégé of Iron Chef’s Masaharu Morimoto. Formerly located at the Portico on Langsuan, the restaurant now sits above Samrub for Thai and next to 100 Mahaseth on Mahaseth Road. 
Available Tue-Sun with advanced bookings via Line @fillets