Inspiration or rip-off?

We know, we said on Monday that London’s well-loved steakhouse, Flat Iron Steak, is making its move into Thailand. As it turns out, the "Flat Iron" that just opened in Gaysorn Village has nothing to do with the London original.

A spokesperson for Gaysorn confirms that the similarly named Flat Iron Wagyu is not affiliated with Flat Iron Steak, but does "take inspiration from it."

So where's the line betweek inspiration and rip-off? Both restaurants not only share a near-identical name, but also a strikingly similar logo, featuring a stylized meat cleaver with the name "Flat Iron" below the handle.


Left: London's Flat Iron Steak; Right: Bangkok's Flat Iron Wagyu

We contacted London's Flat Iron Steak for comment, who said this: "They [Flat Iron Wagyu] have no association with us and we weren't aware of there [sic] existence until very recently."

As of last night (Jun 21), the Flat Iron Wagyu Facebook page had changed its logo to a new black and white one saying "No Name." However, the name of the page remains Flat Iron Wagyu, and the Flat Iron Wagyu logos can still be seen on existing posts. 

Claiming to be "the best and most affordable steakhouse in town," the restaurant also runs with the same concept as London's Flat Iron, offering juicy steaks sliced on a chopping board.

Definitely not a slick move.