Ice cream makers in Thailand have already proved there is no end to their creativity. Bangkok has enjoyed dark soy sauce soft serve from Dek Somboon, fish sauce and cough syrup scoops from 10010 Bar, and shabu-flavored pints from Shabu-Bootueng. What’s next, you ask? How about ice cream that looks exactly like fried chicken wings, courtesy of aiicecream.bkk.
Fittingly dubbed aiicecream wing (B75), this fried chicken look-alike comes packed with maple syrup and candied bacon ice cream. The outside layer is coated with chocolate and cornflakes to add extra crispiness.
The ice cream maker dishes out other unique flavors, too, like Lemoon, a lemon tart meringue ice cream; Hygge in YVR, Earl Grey ice cream with Danish cookie bits; and Yuzu Seoul, a honey yuzu sorbet (all B90 per cup and B350 per pint). 
Order via Instagram @aiicecream.bkk