With more than 200 stores in the US and around the world, the Cheesecake Factory restaurant’s big menu and dozens of cheesecake varieties will be making their way to Bangkok, the brand’s first foray into Southeast Asia. 
A representative from the Cheesecake Factory confirmed with BK Magazine that the store would open in Central World in December 2023. Prior to the opening, the beloved California-born chain may be holding competitions and pop-up stores to build interest in the brand, though this has not been confirmed. 
Get used to seeing a lot of the Cheesecake Factory, as Hong Kong’s Maxim’s Caterers said last year that they plan to open 18 Cheesecake Factory restaurants across Thailand by 2028. The Cheesecake Factory Bakery has been open in locations in Bangkok, including Siam Paragon.
Whether you know it for dessert and Americana style or as where Penny works in the first few seasons of “The Big Bang Theory,” the Cheesecake Factory only moved into China in 2016 at the Disneytown in Shanghai, the first one in Asia, followed by Hong Kong, Beijing, and Macao. 
BK has also been told that the US owner David Overton may personally come to help oversee the localization of the menu, which will be finalized in August, though this too has yet to be confirmed by The Cheesecake Factory. David is the son of Oscar and Evelyn Overton, who created the Cheesecake Factory bakery in the 1972s, later adapted by David into a restaurant in Beverly Hills, California in 1978. 
Fans of the brand can expect online prizes and pop-ups in October and November, and the December opening will be on the ground floor of Central World.
Editor’s Note: The Cheesecake Factory’s PR firm, Smart United with Maxim Caterers, confirmed the location and dates in this article with BK Magazine. The same representative contacted BK after publication to say they did not wish this information to be public yet, later saying the Central World location had not yet been finalized. This new information, however, runs counter to in-company documents sent to BK Magazine by the firm prior to publication.