Petchaburi’s Korean chicken and craft beer bar, Changwon Express, has just started selling its popular house kimchi by the jar. Utilizing fresh, natural ingredients, the additive-free kimchi sticks to the recipe of South Korean owner Ted Ahn’s mother, meaning the flavors are truly authentic, with a spicy kick and a refreshing sourness.

Due to the natural fermentation process, the kimchi’s flavor profile changes over time. Within two weeks of purchase, it tastes best with simple rice or noodles, says Ted, while from two weeks to one month after purchase, it develops a sourness that can cut through greasy barbecue. After one-to-two months till, the fully fermented kimchi will add a nice sour kick to soup. 

Besides tasting great, kimchi offers health benefits that are particularly attractive under the current Covid pandemic; thanks to the lacto-fermentation process it goes through, kimchi is packed with the immune system-friendly bacteria, lactobacillus kimchii. It is also a great source of vitamins A and C, as well as more than 34 amino acids—just a few of the reasons it’s hailed as the secret to South Korea’s long life expectancy rate.

You can order Changwon Kimchi from by contacting Changwon directly via Facebook (B140/500g jar, plus Grab delivery fee) or order from Central Bangkok via the Dahmakan app, which delivers within one hour for a B19 fee (B160/500g jar).