On Dec 10, 100 Mahaseth will welcome Andrew Martin and Riley Sanders of one-Michelin-starred Canvas for the ultimate local mashup.

Canvas’s chef Riley is known for his fine-dining use of seasonal, locally sourced ingredients, while Canadian chef Andrew Martin, previously of Charoenkrung’s 80/20 and Thai fine-dining institution Issaya Siamese Club, is behind the soon to open Jaew. The pair will join Isaan extraordinaire chef Chalee, who is lauded for his no-waste approach to meats and his use of long lost techniques and ingredients.

The all star team will spotlight produce from all over Thailand in a collaborative nine-course dinner priced at B3,500 per person. One-of-a-kind dishes will include dry-aged beef tongue with pickled pepper, radish and chamuang; shrimp and goat brains with curry paste in bamboo; various Issan beef cuts ; Chiang Mai strawberries with spiced wild almond puree; and black pineapple ice cream with toasted khao mao, safflower caramel, bengal currant and brittle. 

Needless to say, this will be a dinner of epic proportions.



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