Two years ago, Burger King released promo pictures of flame-grilled chocolate patties on April’s Fool Day. But unlike other brands’ jokes, the monarch of ground meat has followed through. And, these chocolate whoppers are already in Thailand. 


The new questionable combination is in part a collaboration between Burger King and Hershey’s, seeing baked chocolate buns sandwiched between the usual patties (starting at B129). Other delicacies include Hershey's choco french fries (B109), chocolate milkshakes (B80), and a chocolate pie (B39).
The menu will be available until Mar 31 and sold across Thailand with the exception of certain areas, namely PP Island, Phuket, and Samui.
How does it taste? About what you'd expect from chocolate with cheap barbecue sauce and tomato. How does it look? Well, not like that.