Mooncake madness is upon us. Here’s what you can expect from some of Bangkok’s best hotels. 

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Running through Oct 4, the Mooncake Festival 2017 is now in full swing, and with the globally celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival just around the corner, truckloads of mooncakes are pouring into offices, homes and shopping malls across Bangkok. Here are some of the more interesting flavors you’ll find.

Golden Snow Skin with Durian

The term “snow skin” describes an uncooked variety of mooncake originating from Hong Kong. This one, from Shanghai Mansion, is free of sugar and preservatives and comes stuffed with organic fresh Mon Thong durian. 

Honey Date Palm

This honey date palm mooncake is the latest flavor from Dusit Thani. It’s part of a larger collection of flavors whipped up by the hotel’s pastry team, including durian, custard and bird’s nest with lotus seeds. The packaging includes an image of the Dusit Thani's iconic main structure, formerly Bangkok's tallest building and scheduled for demolition in 2018.

Classic Egg Yolk

Tried and true, this classic egg yolk and custard mooncake comes from the kitchen team at Mei Jiang, the Peninsula’s Cantonese fine-dining restaurant. 

Black Truffle and Roasted Duck

If you are a fan of the savory side of things, this offering from the Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park should hit the spot with its subtle balance of punchy black truffle, roasted duck, chestnuts, lotus seeds and egg yok

Japanese Cheesecake

This Japanese cheesecake flavor is one of many from W Hotel. Other varieties include peanut butter, durian, raspberry and chocolate banana. 

Mixed Grains & Nuts with Yunnanese Ham

With a very noticeable nutty aroma, this offering from Shangri-La comes stuffed with Yunnanese dry-cured ham, sliced kaffir lime leaves and five different grains, including walnuts, almonds, cashew nuts and roasted white sesame seeds.

Creamy Chocolate

In addition to this intense chocolate mooncake, expect to find flavors like durian, lotus seed and mandarin orange from The Sukosol this year. 

Lava Custard

The Monde Selection committee in Belgium awarded this lava custard mooncake from Maxim’s a gold medal three years in a row, thanks in large part to its creamy texture and use of premium imported French butter. 

Rosebud Milk Tea

This subtle and aromatic rose bud milk tea mooncake from Harrods is the best-selling variety the company has ever produced. 

Honey and Pomegranate

Created by the team at Simply W, this flower-shaped mooncake—nicknamed the “prosperity” mooncake—has an inviting rose and pomegranate aroma and a honey-stuffed center.

Head over to the Mooncake Festival 2017 to try all the above flavors and plenty more.  

G/F, Siam Paragon from Sep 15-Oct 4; The Mall, at all branches, Sep 22-Oct 4; and M/F Emquartier Sep 26-Oct 4.

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