Ordering food online can be frustrating, with dishes sometimes arriving cold and your choices often limited. Meal plans can take the madness and monotony out of delivery. Stay sane and healthy with these meal plan services.

Absolute Fit Food

Image courtesy of Absolute Fit Food
The team behind Absolute Yoga offers delivery plans that run as long as three months, ranging in price from B2,500 for five days to B48,000 for 90 days. Hefty, yes, but it guarantees you natural dishes that promote a healthy, balanced diet: no chemicals, processing, refining, or artificial preservatives. Dishes include everything from vegetarian burritos to salmon bibimbap, and they also offer a range of programs catering to weight loss, prenatal and postnatal moms, and more. Free delivery if you live in the inner city.
Order via absolutefitfood.com, 081-371-3721.

Courageous Kitchen

The food-centric non-profit now offers a range of plant-based meal plans, plus organic produce from its delivery partner, Farmtastic. All plans are monthly. You can choose from four to 10 dishes per week (delivered every Sunday to locations within central Bangkok). You can customize the spice level of your food, as well as any other dietary needs you may have. There’s a special package for fans of tempeh, too. The prices are very affordable, at B2,000/month for four dishes per week up to B5,500/month for 10 dishes each week. The food largely sticks to Thai flavors (penang curry, pomelo salad, cucumber somtam), but there are some surprises, like barbecue pulled pork-style jackfruit.


Image courtesy of eatWELL
With their new service, chef Garima Arora and the teams from Gaa and Here are creating completely customizable plans. The process starts with a detailed 30-minute call to discuss your health and fitness goals, favorite flavors and cuisines, and dietary needs, plus how and when you want your meals to be delivered. All meals feature whole foods, organic veggies, high-quality proteins, and healthy fats like avocado oil and ghee, and the dishes can be anything from Indian to Italian. The subscription fees range from B1,350 for one-day trials to B33,000 for a 30-day package (delivery included).
Order via Line @here_bkk, 097-140-5647.

Fit Food Always

The former demi chef at Nahm and W Bangkok, Apinun Sawetwannakun now runs his own health food delivery business. Utilizing nutritious ingredients like quinoa, Job’s tears, chickpeas, edamame, and goji berries, he whips up meal plans based on goals—e.g., “built fit” for the body conscious and “healthy balance.” A course of three meals a day for five days costs B3,500. He also sells packaged food products like kimchi and offers online courses, suitable for everyone from health instructors to everyday people looking for tips for preparing better food at home. Delivery is paid on top depending on distance, with a minimum charge of B100 for the full course. Meals delivered daily.
Order via Line @fitfoodalways, 061-9648641 or 086-359-3795.


Image courtesy of Nutrichef / Facebook
Chef Deepanker “DK” Khosla of Haoma is behind this health-focused service. Like he does at his flagship fine dining restaurant, here he also prepares food with sustainability in mind. All the herbs and veggies are homegrown using their own fertilizer and filtered wastewater. The menus change each week and might include everything from baked beetroot falafel to chicken with chimichurri sauce and sweet potatoes. Choose your plan—vegetarian, keto, “shred,” vegan ayurvedic, and more—how many days you want, and how many meals you want each day. Each dish comes with nutritional information, too. From B1,700 (three days) to B14,900 (four-week programs).
Order via thenutrichef.net, Line @nutrichef.

Paleo Robbie

Appropriately enough, Paleo Robbie helped fuel the paleo diet’s rise in Bangkok. Everything this delivery pioneer serves is organic, with no farmed fish or preservatives, mimicking the diets of our caveman ancestors. But check out the list of dishes and you’ll quickly realize it isn’t at all stone age fare: beef stroganoff, lamb shank and potato mash, and Norwegian mackerel with grilled squash and vegetables. One meal is B299 (plus B50 for delivery to Sukhumvit and Siam).
Order via paleorobbie.com.


Image courtesy of Tonic
The health-conscious restaurant now offers meal plans, too. Select from a menu that changes each week, or let the Tonic crew choose for you (from B900 for one meal a day to B2,600 for three meals a day, depending on delivery location). There’s a range of options—meat-filled or vegetarian, high protein or low carb—highlighting globe-spanning flavors, served in boxes with rice, sides, and mains or bowls featuring rice, sides, and stews.
Order via Line @tonicbkk, tonicbkk.com, or 090-916-5186.

Vegan Crush

Run by well-traveled influencer Maricel Lukkanit, this delivery service specializes in plant-based cuisine, made from an arsenal of recipes she picked up during a five-year journey around the world. She promises low sodium, low oil, and new menus every week. You can select from five meals (lunch Mon-Fri) with three different dishes or 10 meals (lunch and dinner Mon-Fri) with five different dishes, from one to three months. Plans range in price from B6,000 (five meals, three dishes, one month) to B30,000 (10 meals, five dishes, three months), depending on the package. Expect everything from seitan goulash with German dumplings to masala bean curry to scrambled tofu with spinach on rice.
Order via maricelsvegancrush.com, IG @maricelsvegancrush.