If you're prone to blowing your paycheck on extravagant Japanese omakase (chef's selection) dinners, then the newly-launched “Home-makase” service from Ukiyo is for you.

Priced at B3,800/person, the intimate chef’s table dining experience brings a small team of professional chefs and staff right to your home, where you can expect to be served a full-course contemporary omakase, featuring premium sushi and delicacies like uni (sea urchin), chutoro (fatty tuna), shima-aji (striped jack mackerel) and aori ika (bigfin reef squid), depending on the day's selection.

Aside from this exclusive service, the restaurant also offers daily delivery for lunch and dinner, with highlights including the Omakase Chirashi Box (B2,500; ten assorted sashimi donburi), the Futomaki Sirawut Style (B2,000; seaweed rolls stuffed with assorted sashimi) and Tennen Unajyu (B1,900; hot rice topped with slow charcoal-grilled tennen unagi and a generous amount of ikura).

The Home-makase service is available from 5-8:30pm and must be booked three days in advance for a minimum of six people. Meanwhile, daily lunch and dinner delivery runs from 10am to 5:30pm; orders must be placed two hours in advance.

Order via Line @ukiyo.bkk. For more information, see their official Facebook page