The incident happened minutes' walk away from Pattaya's Walking Street.

A clip from last weekend’s Kolour Beachside Party in Pattaya has gone viral after appearing to depict two party-goers simulating a sex act in the pool.

The 53-second video clip, posted to the Facebook page Khod Hao V.4 on Saturday (Aug 18) but since deleted, showed party-goers pretending to have sex in the swimming pool of the A-One The Royal Cruise Hotel, which hosted the Kolour party. 

Kolour has taken responsibility by posting the following statement on their Facebook: “After speaking directly with those involved in the footage, we confirm that no sexual activity actually took place—the people in the video were acting in a provocative manner in an attempt to get attention.”

We spoke anonymously to one of the party-goers, who told us: “Over a thousand people attended and most people were dancing around the pool, but I didn’t see it at all. The pool is a small part and the majority of people did not focus on swimming. There was also an abundance of security and staff around. I’ve been going to Kolour since 2012 and there’s never been any incident of such nature.”

Another party-goer told us: “I didn’t see it, because there were so many people. This is a party where many people start drinking at 3pm and the incident happened in the evening, so no one was really paying attention to anyone by then but just having fun. I saw the woman [from the video] during the afternoon and she was already pretty drunk to be honest, but I didn’t see the pool incident.” She adds: “When I saw someone smoking in the non-smoking area, I went up to the security and he took care of it straight away.”

According to Khaosod Thai, Coran Maloney, the managing director of Kolour, was called in to give a statement at Pattaya Police Station, where he said he had no idea that the incident was happening.

Police also tracked down a couple identified as a 33-year-old British man and a Thai woman. According to Khaosod English, they face a fine of up to B5,000 for public obscenity.

This pales in comparison to the fate potentially awaiting Thachakrit Wonglaemtong, 23, who was responsible for filming the lewd act. He's reportedly been charged with violating the Computer Crime Act and faces up to five years in prison and a B100,000 fine.