Outside you got smog, light pollution, and rainy season clouds to keep you from the heavens, but inside Gaze Cocktail Bar on Thonglor 10, the stars are out. 
Opening in July, Gaze Cocktail Bar is a new venue that puts celestial charm front and center—and on the ceiling for that matter. 
All signature cocktails are myths of constellations, such as the Once a Year (B440) based on the Milky Way, meant to mirror the story of princess of the universe and a cowherd who meet once a year; it’s made with gin and fat-washed truffle oil, berry cream, vanilla and rose water.
Other signature cocktails include the flowery moon-based Luna (B420) with tanqueray infused lavender leaf, cinzano bianco, lemon, and tonic, as well as the whiskey-forward Egypt in September with Monkey Shoulder, sherry, Giffard Abricot Du Roussillon, mango and strawberry covered in a lavender foam. 
Patrons can expect DJs every Thu-Sat starting at 10:30 pm, and the space is already starting to host guest shifts. Later this week on Thursday, they’ll be hosting Samuel and Babit from Dr. Fern’s Gin Parlour, serving up Strangers and Sons. 
The upscale bar is a place to try signature, star-themed cocktails and to take a date who’s really into astrology.
Major Tower, 10 Thonglor, 091-069-7119. Open daily from 6pm-late.