In celebration of the Bank of Thailand's 75th anniversary, the Bank of Thailand Learning Center is set to join a long line of new creative and learning venues that have opened this year.

Taking over what used to be the original building of Thailand’s Note Printing Works (under the Rama VIII Bridge, right opposite the Bank of Thailand), the Learning Center aims to nurture and inspire students and academia by acting as a hub of economic knowledge and financial literacy with its brand new facilities and educational resources, all located right along the Chao Phraya River.

The Learning Center will comprise the Bank of Thailand (BOT) Museum, which will feature "the Bank of Thailand Experience", a note printing exhibition and a "Money through the Ages" exhibition; a financial literacy exhibition; and an open space for activities and rotating exhibitions, as well as a BOT lounge, café and shop.

We’re most excited about the Prince Vivadhanajaya Library on the second and third floors, which will double as a co-working space with multimedia services and meeting rooms. Here, the public can access resources in areas related to the central bank, as well as the Bank of Thailand’s archive of historical documents.