Ornaree Chularatana, one of the very first Thai grunge rockers in the 90s, returned to the spotlights with a single in collaboration with Flure in 2009. Here, Ornaree speaks of her return to music at the annual concert Tiger Translate.

Can we expect to see your new album again very soon?
I’m planning to have my own album launched by the end of this year. I’m also working on my family’s own documentary program called Kra-jok-hok-dan as well. This is quite a routine job and I prefer doing only one thing at a time but, well, I have to do both for now. So I need to manage my time if I want to get a new album out to my fans. Plus, I’m having another music project with May-thee, a member of Moderndog, and would love to have it done by this year as well. It will be an EP album, just like May-thee did with Pray previously.

How would you describe your sound?
During my first and second album, it was the period of grunge rock, so my sound was like that. But personally, I love a very hard sound of rock as my passion for music was inspired by the Iron maiden, an 80s British heavy metal band. So, for my next album, I’m planning to have more rock that yields deep feelings, and a sweet melodic line.

Who is your favorite band these days?
Although I am into a very hard sound of rock, sweet guitar lines really charm me. I love the band Kings of Leon. They are young but talented and their rock comes in a variety of styles.

How do you feel about playing with We are Scientists?
I’d say that it’s always a great chance to play with an international band or even with Thai bands as we can share our experience with each other and with the audience. Listening to We Are Scientists, I feel they’ll be great live. It should be fun.

What’s your dream bill for next year’s Tiger Translate?
Placebo is one of my favorite bands and I’d love to play with them. Unfortunately, I missed them at last year’s show. And, of course, if I have a chance to play here again next year, I’d love to play with Kings of Leon.

Tiger Translate 2011 is tonight, starting from 5:30pm, at AP Parking Limited (behind Esplanade). Grab your tickets now at Thaiticketmajor.com.