Bangkok is growing a jungle from nothing

  • Jun 15, 2017

The Forest Station is a natural green space unnaturally conceived. It’s 12 rai of wasteland off Sukhaphiban 2 Rd. have been rehabilitated, a human corrective to the man-made problem of environmental degradation. This is especially significant given that the patron of Forest Station is PTT, Thailand’s state-owned oil and gas behemoth. PTT commissioned Japanese botanist and plant ecologist Akira Miyawaki to return the land to Bangkok's original lushy forested state. To this end, Miyawaki brought in 270 varieties of plants native to the ecosystem such as teak, Siamese rosewood and ormosia. The result is a self-sustaining, flourishing and dense jungle—a far cry from the picnic-ready lawns of Lumphini Park. The main attraction is a floating wooden walkway that snakes through the property and offers a canopy view of the beautiful forest. For more, see The secret Bangkok parks and green spaces you never knew existed


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