The Ministry of Public Health’s narcotics division, as reported by Coconuts Bangkok, decided to decriminalise cannabis home growing and consumption yesterday. Even though Thailand is early to legalisation in Southeast Asia, the gears of commerce have been turning for quite some time. Scrounging through a ziplock bag of ditch weed seeds is a thing of the past. This is the age of microdosing, inhalers, and designer gummies. 
Bloom has already been cashing in on the medical use of CBD with high-end design concepts and careful advice.
“The cannabis found on is extracted from licensed professionals and approved by the government,” says Pat Taechanarong, Co-founder of Bloom, adding that all products contain less than 0.2% THC, per Thailand’s current regulations. “CBD has been highly successful in the United States, Canada, and Europe and we are thankful that the Thai government is opening up to do the same for its people. This is a new era of Cannabis products and consumers alike.”
The company sells everything from “Thai Stck ‘OG Kush’ Cannabis Terpene Inhaler” to hemp-flavoured ice cream, and personal legalisation would be a whole new ballgame. 
“Further opening of regulations will help grow the entire industry and more and new products will emerge,” says Pat Taechanarong.
The new regulations will take effect 120 days after being published in the Royal Gazette, according to health minister Anutin Charnvirakul. The authorities, keen to make kush a cash crop, created a cannabis registration guide early last year in preparation of the ganja boom. Still, without greater clarity on the decriminalisation and enforcement—in a country where posting a picture of a beer bottle on Facebook carries crippling financial penalties—some entrepreneurs remain reticent. 
“We have been creating packaging, marketing plans, developing recipes, and delicious treats for more than a year in anticipation of the products becoming legal,” says a representative from a local design firm hoping to be involved in the marketing of marajuana products. “As soon as we can sell our products, we look forward to joining the other pioneers in weed. For now, we must remain under the radar, I’m afraid.”