All that BNK48 chatter? So Bangkok. Take it upstream to Nonthaburi, the setting for Hexthree’s “Kon Non” (people of Nonthaburi).

The track’s a six-minute invitation, journey and ode to the quiet, near-provincialism of Bangkok’s neighbor, an atmosphere fluently rendered in the six-piece band’s dub sound.

The song opens on brassy fanfare that rolls into an electronic echoing like a radio catching a signal. In the voice of the DJs of old: “This is the sound of Hexthree of Nonthaburi, here to bring happiness to our brothers and sisters.”

What follows in smooth brass, bass and drums is an invocation of the town’s icons, like the 50-year-old Fiat 500 taxi, the bustling Soi Sirichai and the 500-year-old village of Baan Talat Kwan, interrupted by a nostalgic trombone solo and more electronic warbling.

Succumbed to the sound of Non? Catch Hexthree live on Mar 29 at De Commune (1/F, Liberty Plaza, Sukhumvit Soi 55 [Thonglor], 061-717-4365). Listen to their songs at