While the world mourns the passing of David Bowie, the legendary British rock star who was reported dead today after an 18-month long battle with cancer, Thairath newspaper's reporters seem to have mistaken him for Jon Bon Jovi—the aging American rocker.

The Thai newspaper described Bowie as "the singer of the well-known hit 'It's My Life' that many Thais know and love".  


" It's My Life พ่องงงงงงเหรอ สัส !ถ้ามึงไม่รู้ก็ควรถามคนที่รู้หรือค้นหาในกูเกิล มีคำตอบที่ถูกต้องให้เป็นหมื่นลิงค์อย่าม...

Posted by Norasate Seed Mudkong on Monday, January 11, 2016


Though the error has been corrected, many Facebook users have shared screen-caps of the article, furiously writing statements such as "if you don't know who he is, how difficult is it to do a Google search?" and "Stupid Thai media can't do a simple check before reporting" and "This is a disgrace to the legendary icon."

Others have commented laughing at the situation as another sadly hilarious failure in Thai media.

For a reminder of David Bowie's magic, check out the video for "Heroes" below. RIP Thin White Duke.