COVID-19 will no longer be classified as a “dangerous contagious/communicable disease” in Thailand, effective October 1, due to the declining number of cases and deaths nationwide.

Announced via the government gazette, the public health ministry said that COVID-19 would instead be designated a “communicable disease under surveillance”. 

The ministry said the change is also due to the lower number of severe cases and death rates attributed to the disease around the world, meaning the severity of COVID-19 is likely to decrease in the kingdom as well. It also said there are enough vaccines in the country to meet the needs of the people.

Additionally, foreigners infected with COVID-19 will no longer be barred from entering the country, although they will still be required to quarantine. 

This Friday, the COVID-19 task force is due to meet for an evaluation to discuss measures that would allow the public to resume life as normal post-corona.

Other diseases that are currently classified as under surveillance in Thailand include AIDS, dengue fever and bird flu.

This article has been republished from BK Magazine media partner Coconuts Bangkok.