What used to be an old highway in Seoul has now been transformed into a massive elevated pedestrian walkway. Officially opened on May 20, Seoullo 7017 is part of a bigger plan to revitalize underdeveloped areas of the capital and create a more people-friendly city.
Designed by Very Joon Oh, a group of leading architects led by Joon Sik Oh, this 1km walkway starts from the Manli-dong area and runs all the way through to Namdaemon Market, passing by important landmarks in the city such as Myeong-Dong Market, Namsan Mountain and Seoul Train Station.  
Along the way, Seoullo 7017 also features plenty of eateries. Take your pick of retro Korean desserts at Magnolia Cafe, Korean-style grilled toast and coffees at Hydrangra Bread, mini kimbaps (Korean sushi rolls) at Rose Gimbap, sweet buns and traditional Korean snacks at Acorn Sweets, healthy bibimbaps at 7017 Soul Bibimbap or Korean snacks and teas at Seoullo Traveller’s Cafe. There are also themed information centers and a Seoullo gift shop. 

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Beautiful gardens also span 11 zones and feature over 200 types of flowers, from the likes of the Malli-dong Park skygarden and the rose-filled Rose Square. At night, the entire bridge lights up in neon colors that contrast against the Seoul skyline. 
While you’re there, be sure to stop at other highlights along the way too, such as the Shoes Tree art installation on Yeomcheon-gyo street.  

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For more info, check out the promo video below or head over to the official website here.