Siam Square’s former Lido cinema, which ceased operations after 50 years in June 2018, is set to be reborn next year as a space for live performance, temporary exhibitions, performing arts and technology showcases.

The newly rebranded Lido Connect is the work of record label Loveis Entertainment, which has collaborated with the Property Management of Chulalongkorn University (PMCU, which owns the land at Siam Square) on the refurbishment.

Talking at a press conference on Dec 18, assoc. prof. Wisanu Subsompon, Ph.D., vice president of PMCU, said: “We share a similar goal and vision that Lido Connect is not founded to make the highest profit. With Loveis, we are able to create opportunities for music, performance and other aspects of cultural arts sustainable.”

Architecture firm PIA Interior has been drawn in to redesign the space, whose early renderings show a crisp white aesthetic that plays with Lido’s cinema heritage.

According to PIA's design director, Pruitsatorn Sakulthai, Lido Connect will “respect the former style.” He further added that, “the design and structure are traced back to 1968 when the theater was newly built.”

Pruitsatorn also said he took inspiration from the stories of pop star and Loveis artist Nop Ponchamni, who used to go busking in Siam Square.

“Nop was expelled [from busking in the area], so Lido Connect will be a platform for the young generation who have no space to perform to come and pay an affordable price,” said Pruitsatorn.

The three-story building will be divided into a “multi-use cultural hub,” including a theater-in-the-round called “Black Box,” with multiple performances scheduled each day.

The original Lido first opened on Jun 27, 1968, as part of a cinema chain that included Sala Chalerm Thai, Siam, Lido and Scala cinemas.

The new Lido Connect is scheduled to open in May 2019, exactly one year after the old Lido’s last screening.