Exciting news for coffee enthusiasts: Kyoto's enduringly popular %Arabica coffee shop has announced the location of its flagship Bangkok cafe. 

After teasing fans with news of its Bangkok debut back in June, the much-loved cafe hopper destination finally announced that its first Thai outlet will be at IconSiam. On its official Instagram account, %Arabica set the opening date for January 2020.

Based on the posted sneak preview, we are already imagining the store packed with coffee snobs and crowds upping their Instagram game.



%Arabica's stated philosophy is "See The World Through Coffee" and it uses high-quality beans from at least three continents—including growers in Ethiopia, Panama, Guatemala and Hawaii (where founder Kenneth Shoji owns a farm), among other locations. Its state-of-the-art roasting machines are also of note; custom-made Slayer espresso machines manufactured in Seattle.

Shoji founded %Arabica in 2014 in Kyoto, and just five years later, the specialty coffee shop and lifestyle brand already counts 38 stores in 11 countries, including Hong Kong, Singapore, France, Germany, and Kuwait. Shoji works closely with the brand’s global head barista—and World Latte Art champion—Junichi Yamaguchi.

Meanwhile, further plans for expansion are already underway and include new shops in the United Kingdom and several of Thailand’s neighbors—Indonesia, Malaysia and Cambodia.